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We are specializing in designing & manufacturing All Kinds of Sports Eyewears - Hi-level Sports Styles with TAC Polarized lens, PC Polarized Lens, Photochromic Lens

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TAIWAN SUNGLASSES IND. CO., LTD 189 Jang Kang Road, Sec. 2, Tainan 70249, Taiwan ROC | Tel: +886 (6) 263-2810 | Fax: +886 (6) 265-8160 or 263-9578 | Email:  rayman@rayman.com.tw  

We are manufacturer of professional Sports eyewears, producing many categories of sports & Athletic Glasses - Cycling Sunglasses, Ski-goggles, Golf Glasses, Fisihing Glasses, Boating Sunglasses, Shooting Glasses